Media Enquires

Unharm connects journalists with people who bring new perspectives to media reporting, including lived experience of drugs

For media enquiries, contact:

Will Tregoning – CEO
[email protected]
0402 409 753

Media spokespeople

Will Tregoning

Drug policy, About Unharm, Lived experience

Will is the CEO of Unharm.

Don Fuggle

Lived experience

Don is a building design consultant, life coach and dance enthusiast from Sydney.

Shawnee Rose

Lived experience

Shawnee is an advocate, activist and public innovator from Sydney.

Ernie Hamilton

Lived experience

Ernie is a veterinarian, events manager and DJ from the NSW Southern Highlands.

Kamili J. Hennessy

Lived experience

Kamili is a writer, financial planner and festival manager from regional NSW

Nat Gombos

Lived experience

Nat is a Sydney solicitor and business consultant.

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