Let’s be real. People use drugs.

The Unharm community is fearlessly fighting to make our drug laws fair – for health and happiness.

The Unharm community

We all deserve health and happiness – no matter our postcode, the colour of our skin, or what drugs we take.

But right now, police are arresting more people for using drugs than ever before. And Aboriginal people, young people and people living in poverty are disproportionately targeted. Shock jocks cheer the cops on, exploiting fear for attention. And powerful politicians let it all happen because they like to look tough

The Unharm community is working together to dismantle this outdated, cruel and harmful system. We’re a diverse movement of people with a shared belief that we’re at our best when everyone is supported to live full and happy lives.

How we work

Unharm campaigns on the issues that matter to our community – from legalising cannabis, to life-saving drug checking and everything in between.

Our central team of expert strategists work with the community to develop and run campaigns, elevate your voices and maximise our collective impact.

Together we cut through the spin and take our demands for change right to decision-makers.

Whether it’s an attention grabbing billboard, taking to the streets at rallies, or in captivating ads across the airwaves and social media, we use the power of our collective voices to drive real change