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✍️ Tell Chris Minns: we need drug checking now

Enough is enough. Drug checking is a proven, effective step we should take NOW to help people stay safe this …
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Just Check It – Drug Checking Now!

✍️ Sign the petition – tell Chris Minns we need drug checking in NSW Enough is enough. No one should …

✍️ Tell Annastacia Palaszczuk: Legalise Cannabis

Tell Annastacia Palaszczuk: Legalise Cannabis Now! This weekend, the Queensland Labor party will meet to decide on their plans for …

✍️ Tell Daniel Andrews: Decriminalise Cannabis

Tell Daniel Andrews: Decriminalise Cannabis Now! In just 2 weeks time, the Victorian Labor party will meet at the State …

✍️ Tell Chris Minns: don’t break your promises

Tell Chris Minns: don’t break your promises Before the election, Chris Minns promised a Drug Summit for NSW. A Drug …
✍️ Sign the Petition: Legalise MDMA

✍️ Sign the Petition: Legalise MDMA

Tell our politicians – Legalise MDMA now! People should be supported to live their best lives, not punished for enjoying …

Tell Daniel Andrews: Side with the community and experts, decriminalise cannabis use now.

With the Victorian State Election coming up on November 26, we have a big opportunity to get cannabis decriminalisation front and centre on the political agenda

Let’s be honest

Most people who use drugs have safe and positive experiences. Many are successful professionals – sometimes in positions of great power. The silence around those experiences helps keep the status quo in place. If you’re one of the many people with that sort of story, now is the time to step up and tell it.

Previous campaigns

Drug use decriminalised in the ACT

Unharm led a coalition of allies in lobbying and media advocacy to get this landmark legislation passed.

Drug checking in Australia

Unharm did early policy work and organising for the campaign for pill testing, and launched a petition that generated over 100,000 supporters and hundreds of pieces of earned media to help keep the issue high on the agenda.

Fighting the federal Welfare Reform Bill

Unharm brought together an alliance of organisations to stop a federal government bill that would have punished poor people by taking away their welfare payments if they used drugs.

Decriminalisation of drug use on the policy agenda

Unharm teamed up with Uniting.NSW to bring hundreds together at an event in Sydney with Portuguese drug policy leader Manuel Cardoso, generating substantial media coverage and meetings with ministers to put decriminalisation of drug use on the policy agenda. We also collaborated with Uniting. NSW on a landmark discussion paper proposing law reform, while continuing our media campaigning on this issue in publications including the Guardian.

Our plan to win

Learn about our plan to make drug use legal and safe

Australia can be a country that gets drugs right, but we can’t just leave it to the politicians. We are building a public groundswell for change. That starts with a new, honest conversation about drugs.