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Just Check It – Drug Checking Now!

Festivals shouldn’t be fatal: Join the campaign for life-saving drug checking ⚡NEWS FLASH ⚡ People use drugs! Instead of burying …

✍️ Sign the Petition: Legalise MDMA

Tell our politicians – Legalise MDMA now! People should be supported to live their best lives, not punished for enjoying …

✍️ Sign the petition: Legalise cannabis

Tell Albo: Legalise cannabis now! More and more of us want to live in a society where people are free to …

Let’s be real.

People use drugs.

The Unharm community is fearlessly fighting to make our drug laws fair – for health and happiness.

How Unharm works

Unharm is a diverse movement from all walks of life. We share the belief that everyone should be supported to live full and happy lives.

Together, we’re dismantling outdated and cruel drug laws that drive discrimination and harm.

Our central team of expert campaign strategists work with the community to develop and run campaigns, elevate your voice and maximise our collective impact.

Whether it’s delivering petitions to decision-makers, organising rallies or creating hard-hitting content to shift the conversation, we’ll do whatever it takes to make our communities fairer, healthier and happier.