Let's be honest.

We all want to take care of people we love. But when it comes to drugs, we’ve been forced apart by fear. Politicians promote panic and pretend they can punish people into wellbeing. People with the least power are targeted and suffer the most. 

Let’s be honest - it's time to bring drugs out into the light. We all want to see the people we love get the best chance to lead a healthy and happy life. 

Countries around the world are taking big steps towards better drug laws that help communities reconnect and take care of people. We need that in Australia too. And we can’t leave it to the politicians, we have to build a public groundswell for change. 

With the right laws in place, we can stop discrimination and form communities resilient against addiction. We can make drug use safer and more positive. And we can make sure people who need it can get the help they need.

Let’s get drugs right.

Join the movement.