Getting drugs right

People always have and always will use drugs. Unharm is a grassroots organisation campaigning to make drug use positive, ethical and safe. Find out more here.

What we do

Campaigning with allies in the movement, our contribution is to show that drug use is common, and mostly a positive experience, and that people who use drugs are valuable members of our society who, like others, should be respected, not discriminated against or stigmatised.

How we do it

Unharm runs reactive campaigns against policies that stigmatise and discriminate against people who use drugs, and proactive campaigns for policy and cultures that promote equity and wellbeing.

Right now we are campaigning to establish pill testing services in Australia and promote safer cultures at music festivals, and we’re developing a campaign to end the criminalisation of drug use.

Unharm also organises community events to help generate a sense of collectivity among people who want to end stigma and discrimination against people who use drugs.

Get involved in events and campaigns

You can get involved in campaigns and find out about events by joining our mailing list and following the Facebook page - these are Unharm’s main communication channels.

You can volunteer as an organiser right here. At the moment, we have activist groups in Sydney and Melbourne. You can volunteer regardless of where you live though - we use video conferencing, web-hosted project management tools and cloud-based file storage to involve volunteers wherever you may be.

Help Unharm power up

Unharm is a volunteer-run organisation, always in the process of growing our operations and impact. You can support this work by donating to Unharm. We squeeze a huge amount of value out of the funding we receive so this is an excellent way to accelerate the power of the movement. Right now, we particularly need funds to help build up our volunteer induction and management systems, to better involve the huge numbers of volunteers who want to work with Unharm. You make a one off donation or become a monthly donor here.

Latest News

In 2018 Unharm supporters like you showed the growing power of our movement. Now you can help take that to the next level - it’s time to roll out a new strategy for Unharm.

The Loop Safety Testing is recruiting experienced analytical chemists and healthcare and harm reduction volunteers in Victoria, NSW and Queensland. Join a local team of volunteer organisers. They have been working hard over the past few months, getting ready to launch in Australia.