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Sharing your personal experiences can change the conversation about drugs. We’re always hearing about addiction and crime. Real lives and normal experiences of drug use are left out of the picture. The way to change this story is to tell your own.

Who we are

Find out the story of our movement, the organisation behind it and our plan to win

We want drug use to be legal and safe in Australia so that everyone has the best chance to lead a healthy and happy life. Australia can be a country that gets drugs right, but we can’t just leave it to the politicians. We are building a public groundswell for change.

We all want to take care of the people we love.


Change the conversation

In a country that widely accepts alcohol use, prohibitionist politicians lie about illegal drugs while cutting support services that help people thrive. Too often the media chimes in with the same old story about a crisis that only harsher laws can solve. Their dishonesty about drugs keeps the status quo in place. It’s time to change the conversation.

Find out more about Unharm’s campaigns, and how you can get involved. 

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It’s going to take all of us

Australia can be a country that gets drugs right, but we can’t just leave it to the politicians. Let’s build a groundswell for change.

Take action today to start making a difference. Large or small, every step forward counts.

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There’s no sensationalism or stigma here. It’s a new kind of news: honest personal stories and the latest on drugs, policy and our movement.


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We have a plan to win but  we’re up against powerful vested interests who want to keep the status quo in place.

The faster we can grow our power together, the sooner we can make drug use legal and safe. Every donation counts.