Share your story

Change the conversation about cannabis use in Victoria

For too long the shock-jock media and the cops have controlled the narrative around cannabis use – justifying discriminatory over-policing of people who use cannabis and of already marginalised communities.

This Victorian State Election, we’re taking back the narrative. But we need your stories to help reshape the conversation around cannabis and demand decriminalisation.

  • Have you experienced intensive policing of your community due to cannabis use? 
  • Have you or anyone in your family been arrested or charged due to cannabis? 
  • Do you have experience in a professional capacity working with people who have been arrested or charged due to cannabis use, or with communities that are over-policed? 
  • Do you have an important story to tell about cannabis use? 

Then we want to hear from you.

Together our stories are powerful because they demonstrate the unfairness of the law and the need for decriminalisation. 

It starts with telling your story

Why should I share my story with Unharm?

Your story will help change the conversation around cannabis use and over-policing and encourage others to share their own. We have vast experience working with lived-experience spokespeople and pitching stories to the media. We can provide you with all the support and training you might need to make the process as safe and easy as possible. 

What’s the process? 

Once you fill out the form on this page, we might get in contact with you about sharing your story publicly. 

There are various options for how your story can be published – they can range from a simple text post on social media, creating a video piece telling your story, or working with us to pitch your story to traditional media outlets. 

We won’t share your story without talking to you first and getting your explicit consent. 

Start a more open & honest conversation about drugs

How to share your story safely and effectively

Use vivid anecdotes

Your story should draw on personal experiences throughout and ideally open with a vivid anecdote. Use these experiences to explain your point of view. 

Disclosing drug use

We worked with legal firm Dowson Turco to develop this guide to disclosing drug use as safely as possible. If your story includes your own experiences with drugs, here are some key tips.

1. Provide vivid detail about your experiences without revealing specifics about quantities, locations, dates or other people involved. 

2. Write in past tense and avoid making disclosures about future intentions to use drugs.

3. Consider who you are speaking with and ensure you are comfortable with the situation before disclosing drug use (both online and in person). 

Activate your support network

When you begin to tell your story, take the time to develop a support network. This will help make sure that sharing your story is a positive experience. Identify three people you can turn to for support, who share your values and understand why you are sharing your story. Make time to connect with these people, and talk to them about why you are sharing your story. This doesn’t have to be a formal conversation, it could be as simple as a chat with a friend who you can call on if you need support. 

In addition to talking with friends, you might want to reach out sometimes to external support services to supplement your tool kit. Click here for some places where you can go to get professional support.