Our plan to win

We know it’s a big job to change the conversation and rewrite the rules about drugs. It’s going to take all of us. This is our plan to win.

Change the conversation

We are training and supporting people to bring new perspectives, including lived experience, to media reporting about drugs. Together we are disrupting the status quo of the same law enforcement stories always in the news.  Our campaign ‘Let’s be honest’ is starting a new conversation about recreational and safe drug use, and the injustice of a system that targets vulnerable people. We’re changing the story from one that serves the interest of a few politicians, to one where justice and wellbeing can flourish.

Build the movement

We are building a vocal, active movement that targets key politicians and builds parliamentary champions for change. Starting in 2021 we are running a series of community conversations to identify shared goals, common language and connections across the movement. This is the foundation to build an organising structure to massively scale up participation and leadership in the movement.

Decriminalise drugs

We focus on decriminalising drug use to reduce arrests, enable more open and honest conversations, and build community participation in getting other law reforms right. Decriminalisation is mainstream health policy and Australia has officially been on this path for decades but arrests for drug use have increased massively. With a broad public conversation and a movement of people with a shared agenda for change, backed in by the power of health institutions, we can make decriminalisation a reality. That will be good for our health – and the happiness of living in a society that is fair.