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A fair society lifts everyone up

People who use drugs are normal people who deserve health and happiness. A fair society lifts everyone up, but across Australia prohibition is hurting people we love. 

From lawyers to mechanics to office workers, all sorts of people use drugs and live normal lives. A minority of those people experience problems and fear of punishment often prevents them from seeking help. We need a more open and honest approach to drugs. 

In a country that widely accepts alcohol use, prohibitionist politicians lie about illegal drugs while undermining the support services and self-determination that help people thrive. It’s always people with the least power who are targeted for punishment. Too often the media chimes in with the same old story about a crisis that only harsher laws can solve. It’s a cycle that never ends, and only the politicians and the media companies win. We won’t be divided by their lies anymore. 

Countries around the world are rejecting prohibition. They are using government action carefully to prevent underage sales and make sure people really understand what they’re taking. Supported by better laws, more caring and connected communities are managing drug use well.

Australia can be a country that gets drugs right, but we can’t leave it to the politicians. We need a public groundswell for change. 

We want drug use to be legal and safe in Australia because the people we love deserve the best chance to lead healthy and happy lives. 

Together, let’s get drugs right. 

Our plan to win

Learn about our plan to make drug use legal and safe

We know it’s a big job to change the conversation and rewrite the rules about drugs. It’s going to take all of us. Read our plan to win.