We need pill testing in Victoria! Act now.

Over the weekend, a 23-year-old man died of a suspected drug overdose at Pitch Music festival in Victoria. Two other people at the festival were also hospitalised after suspected overdoses. 

These are awful tragedies that should never have happened. With festival season in full swing, we need the Victorian government to green-light pill testing NOW and help our communities stay safe. 

Minister for Mental Health Ingrid Stitt is in charge of the government’s response. She’s under a lot of pressure to launch pill testing, but she’s dragging her feet, fearing how media shock-jocks might react. 

If enough of us take our demands for life-saving pill testing directly to her inbox, we can drown out the fear mongers and push her to do the right thing.

Can you take five minutes to email Minister Stitt and demand she prevent more tragedies by setting up pill testing today?

Her email address is already loaded into the form. We’ve added some pointers for the message – just personalise it and hit send. Your email address will also be automatically included in your email – so expect to hear back from Stitt soon!

Not sure what to write? Check out the tips at the bottom of this page! 👇

Tips for writing your letter:

  1. Start with an introduction: Let Ingrid Stitt know who you are and why you’re writing to her.
  2. Explain why you care: Tell Stitt why you think she should set up pill testing.
  3. Ask for action: Tell her to get pill testing set up now and help prevent further tragedies.
  4. Sign off: Thank her for her time and encourage her to take action.

Want some more ideas for your letter? Check these out:

  • Drug checking is a simple, proven step you can take to prevent drug-related health emergencies including overdose deaths. Scientific analysis and stigma-free advice in drug checking services helps people make informed decisions for their own well-being. For many people, it’s the first time they’ve talked to a health professional about managing the risks of using drugs.
  • Almost 30 countries around the world have drug checking services already operating, including Australia and New Zealand. With the QLD government following the ACT’s lead and working to get drug checking services up and running by the end of the year, it’s time Victoria got with the times and took this simple step to help people stay safe.