Tell Chris Minns: don’t break your promises

Before the election, Chris Minns promised a Drug Summit for NSW. A Drug Summit with real power will put everything from pill testing to legalising cannabis on the table. This is a huge opportunity for fairer treatment of people who use drugs.

But now he’s in power we’re hearing from sources that he’s getting cold feet.

The only way that Minns will get moving is if he hears directly from voters like you.

Can you take five minutes to email Premier Minns, and tell him to get moving on the Drug Summit today?

Chris Minns’ email address is already loaded into this form, so all you have to do is compose your message and send it. Your email address will also be automatically included in the email you send – so expect to hear back from the Premier soon!

Not sure what to write? Check out the tips at the bottom of this page! 👇

Tips for writing your letter

  1. Start with an introduction: Let Chris Minns know who you are and why you’re writing to him.
  2. Explain why you care: Tell Chris Minns why you think he should get moving on the Drug Summit. If you’re not sure what to say, you can copy and paste some of the reasons below:
    1. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly, but NSW police strip search and arrest thousands of people every year just for using drugs.
    2. The previous NSW government put people at risk by preventing pill testing services. And they ignored expert and community calls for drug law reform. We need your new government to do what’s right and fair, and not fall back into the old tough-on-crime nonsense.
    3. A Drug Summit with real power should put everything from pill testing to legalising cannabis on the table. 
  3. Ask for action: Tell him to announce a date for the Drug Summit, put cannabis legalisation and pill testing on the agenda, and commit to following the recommendations that come from the Summit.
  4. Sign off: Thank him for his time and encourage him to take action.