Let’s be honest

It’s time for a new conversation about drugs in Australia

Most people who use drugs have safe and positive experiences. Many of those people are successful professionals – sometimes in positions of great power. The silence around those experiences helps keep the status quo in place. If you’re one of the many people with that sort of story, now is the time to step up and tell it.

Break the silence about normal experiences of drug use.

Why share your story?

Honesty is one of the most important values we’re taught as children. It’s a foundation for real connection and care. But there’s a silence around normal experiences of drug use.

Australia used to criminalise men for being gay. That changed when people pushed the stigma aside and came out. Through that honesty they showed that they were like other people and deserved happiness. 

Let’s get rid of the stigma and secrecy around drug use, and make a healthier and happier Australia. With honesty you can change the conversation, and make a big step toward making drug use legal and safe.

Learn more about sharing your story

Personal stories that are engaging and that other people can relate to help change the conversation and encourage other people to share their own.

Visit the Share Your Story page for more information about sharing your story safely and effectively.

New perspectives about drugs.

Change the story

It’s time for more realistic reporting about drugs

Journalists covering drug stories mostly write about law enforcement, and they are always quoting people like police and politicians. They talk about people who use drugs as criminals, irresponsible or troubled. People who use drugs are rarely quoted.

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Do you have a story that hasn’t been heard?

Unharm brought together a team of narrative, media and legal experts to develop StoryLab: a program that trains and supports people to bring new perspectives to the media.

Media enquiries

Unharm connects journalists with people who bring new perspectives to media reporting, including lived experience of drugs.

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