Tell Daniel Andrews: Decriminalise Cannabis Now!

In just 2 weeks time, the Victorian Labor party will meet at the State Conference to decide on their plans for the next year, including the crucial question of whether to support decriminalising cannabis.

In the lead up to the conference we need to flood his inbox with Victorians who are fed up with people being targeted by police for enjoying a joint with friends or accessing medicine.

Can you take five minutes to email Premier Daniel Andrews and demand his support for decriminalising cannabis? 

Andrews’ email address is already loaded into this form, so all you have to do is compose your message and send it. Your email address will also be automatically included in the email you send – so expect to hear back from the Premier soon!

Not sure what to write? Check out the tips at the bottom of this page! 👇

Tips for writing your letter

  1. Start with an introduction: Let Daniel Andrews know who you are and why you’re writing to him.
  2. Explain why you care: Tell Daniel Andrews why you think he should decriminalise cannabis. If you’re not sure what to say, you can copy and paste some of the reasons below:
    1. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly, but Victoria police search and arrest thousands of people every year just for using cannabis. Aboriginal communities and communities of colour are disproportionately targeted.
    2. A cannabis arrest can have a devastating impact on someone’s life – making it harder to get an education, a good job and even risks trapping people in the criminal justice system.
    3. Over 77% of Victorians support decriminalising cannabis, as well as experts across the legal, mental health, Aboriginal justice, youth justice and alcohol and other drugs sectors.
    4. Decriminalising cannabis would stop thousands of harmful arrests and make Victoria a place where the hundreds of thousands of people who use cannabis are supported to live full, happy lives.
  3. Ask for action: Tell him to publicly commit to decriminalising cannabis at the Labor Party conference, and to work with parliament to develop an effective bill.
  4. Sign off: Thank him for his time and encourage him to take action.