Tell Daniel Andrews: Side with the community and experts, decriminalise cannabis use now.

Thanks to the huge effort by the Unharm community and allies, the new Victorian parliament is full of people who want to end the unjust criminalisation of people who use cannabis.

There’s just one final piece of the puzzle and that’s getting Premier Dan Andrews on board.

It’s easy to think, well what’s clicking on a petition going to do to change it? But if we can demonstrate the sheer quantity of support for cannabis decriminalisation through a strong petition, he can be confident that he’s got the public’s support in making the right decision.

That’s why we need to be louder than ever about the number of people who are demanding fairer cannabis laws. 

Will you add your voice to the call? 👉

With the Victorian Police, backed by scaremongering media outlets, chewing off Premier Andrew’s ear to secure funding for their ‘tough on crime’ rhetoric, we’re going to have our work cut out for us. Let’s demonstrate there’s a tidal wave of support from not only within Victoria but across the entire country for fairer, less harmful treatment of people who use cannabis.

Sign the petition above!