Unharm is a grassroots organisation campaigning for safe, positive and ethical drug use

We live in a world where people use drugs. Trying to eliminate drug use through stigmatisation and criminalisation hasn't worked. Unharm exists to help people build a better system. The way we deal with drugs should be good for people. 


Project Zero - Through Project Zero we’re seeking to ‘reset’ the role of criminalisation in dealing with drug use. Zero is the exact number of people who should be arrested for drug consumer offences in Australia. Ending the criminalisation of drug use is not only achievable, it’s also an important first step before we build new regulatory systems for illicit drug markets.

Party safe - A lot of young people’s illicit drug use takes place in party settings. Unharm promotes better alternatives to intimidating police presence at parties: safe environments, realistic and honest information about illicit drugs and how to manage the risks, and a culture of taking care of yourself and the people around you.

Living well - We want a world with drugs where people live well. Unharm promotes realistic and positive alternatives to the stigmatisation of illicit drug use; access to treatment for people who want it; and environments free from the traumatic experiences that contribute to some of the most harmful drug use.

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I saw an extraordinary interaction between a police officer and reveler at the Mountain Sounds Music Festival at Kariong last Saturday. A person was in the middle of taking an ecstasy tablet when a police officer spotted her. The officer walked over to her, took the drug away and gave her...

For a long time, LGBTIQ communities have recognized the need to develop and maintain cultures of care at dance events and beyond. The idea behind this initiative is to pick up on the thread of party and drug related LGBTIQ activism in Sydney and bring it together with the growing...