People promoting wellbeing in a world with drugs

Our capacity to care for ourselves and one another is the best defence against addiction. War on drugs has been a war on people and it's undermined that defence. We need to build a better system. Unharm is a grassroots organisation promoting caring communities and the regulation, education and services that support us. 


Party safe - A lot of young people’s illicit drug use takes place in party settings. Unharm promotes better alternatives to intimidating police presence at parties: safe environments, realistic and honest information about illicit drugs and how to manage the risks, and a culture of taking care of yourself and the people around you.

What we can do - We know we can't arrest our way out of addiction and other drug-related problems. It's time to talk about what we can do. Unharm develops and organises around positive solutions that enhance people's capacities to care for themselves and one another.

Latest News

The Unharm Queer Contingent came together in January 2016, catapulted into action by shared anger and frustration about the policing of queer and other urban spaces with drug detection dogs; concern about the gradual disappearance of Sydney’s queer party spaces; commitment to progressive drug policies, especially the decriminalization of drug...

You might have noticed it doesn’t happen every day in drug policy. That’s why the past week has been so significant - major wins on the Welfare Reform Bill and on pill testing.