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Thanks for signing, now double your impact

Thanks for signing to end strip searches - can you double your impact by donating to our crowdfunder to get Adriana to Sydney for the release of the coroner's report? 

Every parent, friend, brother or sister wants their loved ones to come home safe from musical festivals and parties, but right now people who are planning to use drugs can’t get access to the information they need to make a more careful decision. 

Instead of listening to the families and the experts calling for pill testing, Gladys Berejiklian has stuck by the same tired line about zero-tolerance policing - putting more lives at risk.

We have a window of opportunity to change that. The NSW coroner's report is due to be officially released and we know it has recommended pill testing. We want to work hard to make that a reality.

Without your support, there’s a risk that Berejiklian will ignore the recommendations of the Coroner’s report and continue with her aggressive approach of fear and intimidation

Together, we can bring Adriana's story to Sydney on November 8 - but only if we raise enough funds in the next 2 weeks to cover flights and accommodation. Any extra funds raised will build the campaign in the long term to change this policy for good.

Adriana and Unharm have been working together to make pill testing a reality for years now - and we're so excited about this unique opportunity in NSW. 

Your support can help elevate the voices of families, friends and experts in this debate and make sure we are heard by politicians and the media. Can you chip in to our fighting fund at this critical moment? 


Want to read more about pill testing? Read this blog 


1 https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/oct/16/nsw-premier-dismisses-coroners-call-for-pill-testing-before-report-is-publicly-released