Tests not arrests launch

Pill testing could have saved my son. He took illegal drugs but that shouldn’t be a death sentence. Last year, with Unharm I launched a change.org petition for pill testing services in Australia, and more than 35,000 of you have got behind it. The politicians are starting to pay attention, but not fast enough. And that’s not good enough.

No parent should have to go through what I did. The festival season is starting and I get worried about the other parents out there, and their kids.

We’ve got to get the politicians to understand how urgent this is. No more excuses for the same old stuff that doesn’t work. Educating people with pill testing helps them make better informed decisions. And they could be your kids.

Can you help you local MP to understand why pill testing is so urgent now?

Easily email them about pill testing here: http://www.testsnotarrests.org/

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