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Last night, A Current Affair launched an extraordinary attack on people who are prescribed methadone. They are supporting a campaign for people on methadone treatment to be banned from driving.

The program deliberately used stigmatising language. It called people using methadone "drugged up", and described methadone as "their daily fix". Methadone use was described as “deadly epidemic”.

It also distorted the truth about the effects of methadone on driving. The program included a demonstration of driving while hallucinating and alleged that this showed “what could happen with people on methadone”. This is a complete distortion of the reality for people who are on a stable dose of methadone. The research evidence is clear - people on a stable dose of methadone do not have impairment when driving.

A Current Affair's program completely ignored the fact that methadone is a prescribed medication with a strong evidence-base. The ACA program has the potential to cause significant harm, especially in rural and remote areas where driving is often the only transport option. The last thing we need is a current affairs program pushing people out of the treatment system.

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