Recruiting experienced analytical chemists and healthcare and harm reduction volunteers

The Loop Safety Testing is recruiting experienced analytical chemists and healthcare and harm reduction volunteers in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

Join a local team of volunteer organisers. They have been working hard over the past few months, getting ready to launch in Australia.


The Loop Safety Testing is a new drug safety testing organisation that draws on the knowledge and experience of the UK organisation The Loop.

Unharm is helping to bring out the leadership team from The Loop to Australia this September to help build the local network, run training sessions, and work to get decision makers on board.



Lab Testing Volunteers - Experienced chemists use different types of forensic analyses including UV spectroscopy and FTIR spectroscopy to verify the contents of drug samples that are submitted for testing. Results are reported back to relevant stakeholders and members of our team. Join the Lab Testing team of chemists by clicking here:


Health and Harm Reduction Volunteers - Healthcare professionals, pharmacists or social workers with relevant drug and alcohol counselling and/or harm reduction knowledge provide accurate, non-judgemental feedback and advice about drug test results as part of a structured brief intervention package. Join the Health and Harm Reduction team by clicking here:


If this is you, come be part of the team of trained volunteers! For more information please get in touch at

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