Make the revolution beautiful

Are you a designer, videographer, of some other kind of creative talent? Do you want to help abolish prohibition in the most beautiful way? Become a part of Unharm’s team of creative volunteers!shutterstock_343024364.jpg

If you’re able to help out on a time-to-time basis, please get in touch! This could involve making campaign elements, sourcing images and laying out web pages, or designing merchandise. Send through your resume in any format you like to, with an outline of your skills and portfolio if you have one, and complete the following statement: I want to volunteer with UnHarm because....

If you’re really motivated and have more skills and time to commit, you might like to become a Creative Organiser for Unharm. In this creative role, you will work collaboratively with Unharm Organisers, the Executive Director and Lead Organiser to coordinate published and creative materials, from concept to completion. This is a creative role and also an organiser one - as a volunteer organisation every leadership role is about organising people. Check out the job ad here 

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