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Learn the law

$20.00 raised
GOAL: $500.00

The law is the law, even if you want to change it. It can be hard to know where you stand in relation to drug law and the police.

Unharm teamed up with Dowson Turco Lawyers to help clear it up. The Learn the law project involves creating concise, shareable guides to the law for people who want to protect their rights and privacy, and promote good policing practice. 

The first resource, a poster about the legality of filming the police, has been hugely popular and widely shared on social media.

There are plenty of other issues to cover, like how to deal with a police search or a request to identify yourself, the quantity of drugs that qualifies as a 'supply' offence, and how police are allowed to use drug detection dogs.

You can help make the next guide possible with a donation to Unharm. Help meet the $500 goal to create Learn the law guide #2.