Launching The Loop Safety Testing

You might have heard about the incredible work being done by UK non-profit The Loop. It provides a drug safety testing service at festivals, nightclubs and, most recently, in city centre health and drug treatment services across the UK.

These kinds of services have been operating in some countries for over 25 years. They help people find out what really is in their drugs and provide tailored advice about how to stay safe. Sometimes that's enough to make people throw the drugs away. It's a huge breakthrough for common sense and safety.

Australia needs services like that right across the country. It's starting to happen here and the more people who join the push, the faster we can get it done. It’s going to take careful planning, negotiation and preparation… and your help is crucial!

Earlier this year Unharm pulled together a team of passionate volunteer organisers. They are drawing on the experience of The Loop UK to set up a new organisation to do drug safety testing here in Australia.

Now we are bringing The Loop UK’s leadership team to Australia this September to take this work to the next level. Combining their experience with local knowledge we will build the Australian organisation together. They will share knowledge and experience from three summers of successful service delivery at UK festivals, meet key decision makers and work hard to get them on board.

And that’s not all! The Loop’s senior chemist and lead trainer are also coming to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Alongside The Loop founder Professor Fiona Measham they will train volunteer chemists and healthcare workers to operate drug safety testing services.

That’s why we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign. Can you help by chipping in? Our target of $10,000 will cover the cost of The Loop UK’s leaders working alongside the local team this spring.

You can also join the party at launch events in Melbourne September 13 and Sydney September 26.

This is a huge opportunity to accelerate the movement for drug safety testing services in Australia. Your help is crucial. Can you chip in today? Donations are tax deductible and we’ll keep you updated on what your donation helps make possible. Every donation counts!

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