It's time to roll out a new strategy for Unharm

In 2018 Unharm supporters like you showed the growing power of our movement. Now you can help take that to the next level - it’s time to roll out a new strategy for Unharm.

Last year the Government wanted to punish poor people by cutting off their welfare payments if they used drugs. We stepped in with an alliance of community, health, faith and advocacy organisations, and shut that down. A drug policy expert from Portugal came to share the experience of decriminalising drug use, and hundreds and hundreds of people turned up to show support. And when politicians failed to act in the face of continuing deaths at music festivals, it sparked a huge response from the community that’s disrupting the old narratives about people who use drugs.

That growing momentum didn’t go unnoticed. In June last year Unharm won a place in an accelerator program for grassroots social change organisations - Progress Labs. This was a huge opportunity to work hard on Unharm’s community organising framework, theory of change and financial plan.

Now it’s time to put that into practice. The Vasudhara Foundation has come in as a major funder for Unharm this year, alongside donations from Tripple and from people like you. This support means more time and more focus on implementing a big new vision for change.

Over the coming months you can take part in the roll out of the new strategic plan. This will include opportunities to help shape and define the plan for the future.

Taking drugs has been part of human culture for millennia. Pushing it into the shadows exacerbates the negatives and undermines the positives. With a broad-based movement that includes people who take drugs, we can take drug use out of the shadows and make it positive, ethical and safe.

Our politicians are lagging behind so we need to show there’s a public groundswell for change. That’s why Unharm exists - and why people like you are our best hope for the future.

Join the mailing list and keep an eye on your inbox for more updates on how you can be part of this exciting new phase, and if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to support the work, you can do that here

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