It looks like a win - for now

If you emailed or called an MP for this campaign - this one is for you. Social Services minister Christian Porter has announced today that the plan to drug test jobseekers is likely to be removed from the Welfare Reform Bill.

The plan to drug test jobseekers was an expensive, headline-chasing PR campaign. It was also a terrible idea - stigmatising people in the jobseeker system while completely ignoring all the evidence about what works in supporting people to overcome substance use disorders.

And this is the same government overseeing a drug treatment system that still has no space for hundreds of thousands of people who want to get help.

No doubt the government thought this idea would sail through parliament. The fact that it hasn’t is a testament to the power of the campaign.

To everyone who got involved - thank you. This shows the growing power of our movement. Let’s keep making it stronger.

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