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Unharm operates as a volunteer organisation of committed activists here in Sydney and a network of supporters nationwide.  If you support Unharm’s mission then please join us! Unharm has run digital campaigns, joined street protests, developed campaign stories, provided policy direction, placed opinion pieces and provided comment for major news organisations across TV, print and radio. This work fits into three interwoven themes:


  1. Movement building. You know how much stigma, fear and ignorance there is around illegal drugs? Unharm runs events and digital spaces where people can share stories and information with honesty, optimism, and empowerment. These spaces are open to everybody, regardless of drug use.

  2. Campaigning: All over the world, a movement is building. We’ve had War on Drugs and now it’s time for drug policy that puts people first. Unharm organises campaigns where people like you can help make that real.

  3. Research and policy direction: You know how people often say the War on Drugs has failed? They've been saying it for 30 years. Unharm’s research and policy work isn’t just here to tell you what’s wrong with the world, or rehash the same old ideas. It works towards real alternatives based on aspiration towards accountability, responsibility and wellbeing.

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  • Will Tregoning