End illegal strip searches in NSW

Dignity. Respect. Safety. 

That’s what we expect from police officers, but right now, people are being illegally strip searched at festivals and parties - together we have to put a stop to it. 

Strip searches are embarrassing, invasive and traumatic. The law says they can only be used in extreme circumstances, but police have begun a strip search rampage that’s seen the number of searches jump from 277 to 5483 people a year. Some of the people who have been strip searched were children - the youngest just 10 years old. 

One 16 year old strip search survivor commented: "I feel I can no longer trust police.”

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Strip searches help create a climate of fear and intimidation that’s making music festivals more dangerous places. Fear of police hasn’t stopped people using drugs. It’s just scared them into riskier stuff like ingesting their drugs all at once so they won’t get caught.

After the Coroner’s report got leaked to the press this month, Bereljiklian came straight out and said she’d ignore the Coroner’s pill testing recommendation. Without a public uproar, here’s a huge risk that Berejiklian will ignore the strip search recommendations too. That’s why it’s crucial that you get involved.

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Read more information about strip searching at Redfern Legal Centre’s Safe and Sound site.

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