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We've teamed up with Melbourne mother Adriana Buccianti on a campaign for drug checking services (aka 'pill testing'). Adriana's son Daniel died at a music festival in 2012 after taking a drug that wasn't what he thought it was.

Adriana Buccianti

These services never tell people that it's safe to use drugs. They tell people exactly what they have bought, and how dangerous it is. They give people a place to throw away the drug if they choose not to take it, and information about how be as safe as possible if they are going to take it.

Adriana says 'To me that just makes sense. If people don't know what they are taking, they are at much greater risk of dying. I believe drug checking services are a step we need to take.'

With support from change.org we've launched a petition right here

Thousands of Australians have joined Adriana's call for drug checking services, and experts agree. Dr David Caldicott, one of the greatest champions for drug checking services, explains why here

We're so close to having the first service established in Australia. The last piece of the puzzle is the Premier's support and with your help, we can make it happen. Join the campaign here.

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  • Monique Starr
    I was at the Dragon Dreaming festival last year 2015 with my 14year old sister.
    The same year that poor girl died supposively from an acid overdose.
    Coincidently enough my 14year old sister went to the toilet was out of my sight for a couple of minutes and came back with an acid trip supplied by one of the dragon dreaming organizers? I’m all for harsher punishment at Dragon Dreaming events this guy needs to be looked into I think. She’s 14 and I usually found their events to be a great event until that happened. Shame on him for handing a 14year old acid I know drugs are out there but when it’s coming from one of the creators of that event that says something about dragon dreaming and the complete lack of care.