Call the NSW Premier - meet with families

Right now the Premier is preparing her response to the Coroner’s report into Festival deaths. She’s already brushed off the leaked recommendations, but if enough of us pile the pressure on her, we can make sure she listens to the other side of the story. 

Your call will be incredibly powerful. Politicians think of each phone call as representing 100 other constituents who are concerned but didn’t pick up the phone. 

Use these talking points as a guide to make your call, but feel free to make it your own by adding your own experience or other context you think is important to get across: 

  • Hi! My name is [XXXX] from [suburb], how are you going today?
  • I was calling in regards to the Coroner’s report that’s going to be released on Friday, and wondered if you have time for a quick chat? 
  • I’ve been following the journey of Adriana, a mother who lost her son at Rainbow Serpent Festival a few years ago, and who’s been travelling around the country calling for pill testing to be implemented. 
  • She’s coming to Sydney on Friday for the Coroner’s response, and I wanted to ask you to make time to meet her and the families involved in the inquest.
  • The Premier has been listening to the Daily Telegraph, but what about listening to the families who are asking for change?
  • Can you make sure to pass on this message to the Premier?
  • Thank you so much for your time. Bye. 


Let us know how the call went in the form so we can follow up with their office and lock in that meeting. We’ll be in touch with how it all went and if we get a meeting! 


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