A new team structure for Unharm

Unharm is in an exciting phase, building on the first three years’ work with an evolution to a new team structure. The idea is to help people become like you become leaders in our movement and in Unharm. This will help us become bigger, better and more powerful together.

The April 2017 meetup, in Sydney and on Facebook Live, reflected on the first three years of operation and introduced this new phase. If you want to recap on what went down and how you can get involved, this is the place!

You can catch up via the Facebook Live video here.

The slides from the presentation are accessible here.

The meeting introduced a new team structure with Action Groups that will each work on a specific part of the organisation and movement. Representatives from each action group will join monthly hub meetups to report, plan & connect with one another. Current groups are listed on the volunteering page. This is a dynamic structure that will evolve over time.

Action groups are open to new members and constantly recruiting.

Ready for action? Join here: http://www.unharm.org/volunteer

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