'The abject failure of drug prohibition'

Fresh out in the Australian & NZ Journal of Criminology, The Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation's Dr Alex Wodak: 'The abject failure of drug prohibition' 

"For more than 50 years, like most other countries Australian drug policy relied heavily on law enforcement: politicians emphasised criminal justice measures and the overwhelming majority of government expenditure in response to drugs was allocated to drug law enforcement.

Yet during the last half-century, drug markets expanded and became more dangerous. Even worse, deaths, disease, crime, corruption and violence increased substantially. Evidence that supply control is effective is scant yet there is abundant evidence of its serious adverse effects.

Ample data confirm that drug treatment and harm reduction are effective and cost-effective. 

International leaders declare increasingly that the international drug control system has failed comprehensively. For many producer and transit countries, the cost of drug prohibition has been devastating.

The academic debate about drug policy is now largely over."

Read the full text here 

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