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Time to Test party

If you want pill testing, there's a party for that!

Unharm teamed up with Melbourne mother Adriana Buccianti to launch a petition for pill testing that's brought over 35,000 supporters together. Now it's time to build the next phase of the campaign.

Saturday June 18, Unharm heads to Kings Cross staple The World Bar to throw a party and raise funds for next phase of the Time to Test campaign.


Come party with your mates to DJs Dan Mac from Art vs Science, Broox.E, Baddeep DJs vs B.O.O.M.A, and Amy Parnell. It kicks off at 9pm, runs til 3am.

$15 and all proceeds to Time to Test.

There will be a brief talk about pill testing, how to do it with reagent test kits, and how to stay safe.

What is Time to Test about?

Fear and intimidation aren't keeping people safe so it’s time to give the drug dogs a break. Taking responsibility means making an informed choice and that's why we need pill testing now. 82% of young people are already on side. With some solid campaigning and all the recent dance party deaths, politicians are starting to pay attention too.

Simple pill testing kits for home use are already legal in Australia and you can buy them on the internet. A drug checking service would use much more accurate laboratory equipment and also provide information and education for consumers. It’s a much safer version of something that already exists.

Saturday, June 18, 2016 at 09:00 PM through June 19, 2016 · 142 rsvps
World Bar in Potts Point, Australia
142 RSVPs

Rampant: can a city thrive again?

This event looks at the past and present of Sydney's nightlife and the government of social spaces.

In recent years there has been a crackdown on Sydney's nightlife that has had a disastrous impact on the social life and labour of its denizens.

The Baird government has stepped up draconian policing of social minorities including queers, drug users, youth and sex workers. They have dogmatically rejecting progressive approaches to public health and urban policy that once shaped how these groups were treated by authorities.

We will screen Rampant: How A City Stopped a Plague, (2007), a documentary that tells the remarkable story of how "junkies, poofters and whores" became crucial players in Sydney's early response to HIV/AIDS in the 1980s and 1990s.

A panel of prominent figures will then discuss what can be learnt from this history of policy innovation and how its lessons can be applied today.

Topics of discussion include policing the night; reducing drug and alcohol-related harm and violence; maintaining a diverse and inclusive culture of social participation in our city; and communal creativity.

This event is organised by Unharm, a grassroots organisation working to make drug use as safe, positive and ethical as it can be. Proceeds will go to Unharm to support its community and campaign work.



Julie Bates - Pioneering Australian activist for sex worker rights and the rights of people who use drugs

Bridget Haire - President of the Australian Federation of AIDS Orgnisations & Research Fellow at UNSW's Kirby Institute

Tyson Koh - Campaing Manager of Keep Sydney Open and Producer of ABC's Rage.

David Shoebridge MP - NSW Greens MP and strong advocate of civil rights

Superintendent Frank Hansen APM - Chair of the Ted Noffs Foundation Board; drug & alcohol policy advisor with a career spanning 40 years in the NSW Police Force.


Kane Race - Event Organiser, chair of Unharm's Queer Contingent

Will Tregoning - Director of Unharm

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at 07:00 PM · $21.00 AUD · 112 rsvps
New Theatre in Newtown , Australia
112 RSVPs

Breaking the ice

A very special event, presented by Unharm in collaboration with The Institute of Many and supported by the Noffs Foundation.

Join Matt Noffs, author of Breaking the Ice, as we wade into the moral panic of methamphetamine, the risks of pushing drugs underground, and the growing possibility of a better future.


Hosted by Will Tregoning from Unharm, this is a public forum with plenty of opportunity for audience participation. Matt will be joined on the panel by Nic Holas (The Institute of Many) and drug educator Annie Bleeker.

For too long we’ve been frozen in fear when it comes to illegal drugs. History is repeating in NSW: moral panic combined with heavy-handed policing of drug use and nightlife. At the national level we’ve got shock ads and ‘dob in a dealer.’ It’s the same spiral of failure that we’ve seen so many times before.

Into this charged context, Matt Noffs has just dropped a ground-breaking book, Breaking the Ice.

To quote Richard Branson, the book casts aside hysteria and misinformation to take a fresh look at drug use, informed by years of experience on the frontlines, working with people who use drugs, their families and the medical community.

Breaking the Ice takes an honest look at the history of amphetamine production and use, the successes and the lies in government responses, and a new and hopeful vision for the future.

Thanks to the support of the Noffs Foundation, this is a free event. Please register to ensure entry as there is limited capacity.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016 at 07:00 PM · 110 rsvps
The Beauchamp Hotel in Darlinghurst, Australia
110 RSVPs

Tests not arrests launch

In 2015, Unharm teamed up with Adriana Buccianti to launch a petition for pill testing that more than 35,000 people have got behind. Join us now, November 25, for the campaign launch of Tests, Not Arrests.


Hear from international experts who are running pill testing services right now. Professor Fiona Measham (The Loop, UK)and Helena Valente (CheckIn, Portugal) will join us over Skype, to tell us about how their services operate and how they made it all happen.

We’ll also be joined by local experts including Dr Monica Barratt, to talk about how pill testing could operate here in Australia.

We’ll have a special guest called Bruker Alpha. He's the kind of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer that’s being used by The Loop for pill testing in the UK.

And of course, Adriana Buccianti, the courageous face of the campaign for pill testing in Australia.

When it comes to pill testing, Adriana knows what’s at stake. Her son Daniel died at a music festival in 2012 after he took a substance that wasn’t what he thought it was. After Daniel died Adriana went on a painful journey through anger. With time she realised the best way to honour her son would be by doing something practical to stop other families from having to go through what she did. That’s why she supports pill testing. For Adriana, it’s about giving people an opportunity to make an informed choice, and to discard the most dangerous drugs.

Come hear and see what it's all about, get your questions answered, and help build the momentum of this campaign. 

Friday, November 25, 2016 at 06:00 PM · $20.00 AUD
The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne, Australia
133 RSVPs

Unharm What's Up - Sydney / Facebook Live

Want to come hear about what’s been happening with Unharm, what’s coming up and how you can get involved?

Do! 6:30-8:00pm Wednesday April 12, Surry Hills Neighborhood centre (Enid Cook room) and live on Facebook.

A bunch of great people have been involved lately in making stuff like the new Festival Friends site, contributing to a couple of government inquiries, doing some cool research that’s going to create some waves, and being amazing in a bunch of other ways.

There are lots of people like you who want to do more, and there’s so much more opportunity.

Come hear about how Unharm is working with The Change Agency - an organisation that helps build social movements. The Change Agency are going to help people become leaders in our movement and in Unharm. This will help us become bigger, better and more powerful.

The months ahead are an opportunity to lift the lid on Unharm, look back at what’s been achieved, look up at where we want to be, and look forwards to how awesome we’re all going to be together.

If you’d like to know more about that, or if you’re just keen to hear more about Unharm and how you can get involved, come join us April 12! It wouldn’t be the same without you :)

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 06:30 PM · 87 rsvps
Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre in Surry Hills, Australia
87 RSVPs

Unharm hub meetup May 2017

The Unharm hub meetup is back for May 2017. Come join in at Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre or via the Live broadcast on on the Unharm Facebook page.

Held monthly, hub meetups are a place for activists to connect with one another, report on the past month, and plan ahead.

You're welcome to come along - even if its your first meetup it's a great way to find out more about Unharm and how you can get involved.

And now that you're coming, could you invite a friend to come too? The more people you bring, the more powerful we all become!

(Want to recap on what went down at the last meetup, in April? Check this out.)

Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 06:30 PM · 42 rsvps
Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre in Surry Hills, Australia
42 RSVPs



It’s a party that’s political, so this year we are


At the outrageous and spectacular inaugural UNDEAD party last year, you showed the dead can dance, as we danced down the war on drugs.

UNDEAD II is the second annual fundraiser for Unharm, a grassroots organisation campaigning for safe, positive, and ethical drug use. Unharm builds equity in society and law for people who use drugs, replacing punishment with policies that enhance people’s capacity to care for themselves and one another.


UNDEAD II is presented by Unharm's Sydney Queer Contingent.

On the night of Halloween/Day of the Dead/Samhain, come defy the legal violence that’s attempting to deliver a death-knell to cultures of the night. Descend to the underworld to celebrate pleasure, communal self-care, and our growing power together.

UNDEAD is a party for killer dress-ups and sexy devils. Queer as fuck. All welcome.

DJs -



Tickets: $36.10 or $25.40 concession

Tickets available here

Photos on this page are by William Yang. See more of William's photos from last year's event here



Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 10:00 PM through October 29, 2017 · $36.10 AUD
Oxford Art Factory in Darlinghurst , Australia
212 RSVPs
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